Electric Vehicles are fun

No longer the milk-float of yesteryear, sales of EVs are growing fast. They are cleaner, cheaper and easier to maintain than conventional cars but also fun and exciting to drive. Their range is getting better whilst manufacturers like BMW and Tesla are making cars to rival supercars. They are also becoming more affordable as new models are launched.

Charger installation by Phuse

The only thing that might limit the enjoyment from your new EV is the time and ability to charge it. Phuse are growing a national network of trained installers to install the latest fast-chargers at your home or place of work quickly and cheaply. EV chargepoint broken? No problem; if you’re in our coverage, we’ll aim to fix or replace your existing charger within 24hrs.

Electric Vehicle Charging

There are numerous types of chargers depending on the situation: different charge rates, tethered cable or socket, communication enabled, wall or post-mounted etc. We’ll recommend the best for you from our trusted suppliers.

Phuse is OLEV approved, so able to access any Government grants available to you.

The World Embraces EV’S

The UK Government provides grants for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) which includes all-electric and hybrid vehicles. They also provide grants for charge-points. France has recently announced that sales of traditional vehicles with internal combustion engines will be prohibited from 2040. Many car manufacturers are frantically working to develop and launch models to regain the initiative lost to Tesla. Volvo has announced all its cars will be all-electric or hybrid by 2019.

If you’ve not considered an ULEV / EV, you should. They are the future and they’re exciting!